Cyber Security as a Service

C yber security as a service, provides organizations the security consulting services in a consistent and resource saving way.

In cyber security as a service, we provide the following services in “pay as you go” method:

Security Experts as a Service

We provide the organization the security experts who assist and provide information security services in the right amount for a variety of tasks and roles such as: CISO, regulation and compliance, security architecture, information security support and forensic analyst.

Penetration Test as a Service

We provide on-going protection and saving resources.

Attackers, will not try to access the organization one time only after the organization annual penetration test project is done. They will wait for an opportunity, such as:

  • New software, platform, network changes occurred
  • New business vulnerability discovered that will allow access to the organization’s system
  • New software vulnerability
  • temporary hole or configuration mistake

The solution is an on-going penetration test, conducted by our red team who 24/7/365 checks, updates and takes care of the organization from being exposed to threats and defends the organization before the attackers have a chance.