Regulation and Compliance

R egulation and Compliance require the organization to meet the information security standard. Sophtix Security regulations and compliance experts assist organizations to meet the requirements in an easy and manageable way, while saving time and effort to the organization by delivering the best practice to stand up with regulation and compliance in cost effective solution.

What are the regulations and compliance that organizations need to align with?

This depends on the information and organizational activity:

  • Privacy laws – organizations that hold personal and private information regarding the employees, clients, customers or any others private information.
  • Credit card – PCI-DSS – Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standards Compliance requirements for organizations handling credit cards payments
  • Public companies SOX / ISOX  – Sarbanes-Oxley – stock exchange
  • Bank institutions regulations
  • Insurance institutions regulations
  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act – Healthcare regulations regarding data privacy and transmissions
  • Organizations and businesses in any sector that require or willing to align with the international information security standards ISO 27017, 27002, 27031