Security Assessment

A security assessment securing the organization by finding vulnerabilities and risks in the organizational IT systems and related procedures

In security assessment the security experts studies the organization’s needs, critical risk points and systems structures for providing the tailor made information security recommendations.

The goal of security assessment is to ensure that the right information security level is implemented, close vulnerability gaps and provide the cost effective up-to-date information security.

Why perform security assessment?

  • Identify vulnerabilities and improve information security status
  • Verify the information security controls efficiency
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Provide comprehensive information security status and road map
  • Provide tailor made cost-effective information security recommendations and solutions

Security assessment framework

  • Define the critical points within the information systems that can potentially impact the business if maliciously accessed
  • Check security controls and system configurations
  • Network structure and system study, systems vulnerabilities scan
  • Define the information security properties according to the security assessment
  • Report information security recommendations, road map and tailor solutions
  • Implement recommendations
  • Monitor information security status