Security Products

Lost in the rain of products?
Why choose unsuitable products and pay more with the trouble of implementation?

Here is the solution:
Let our information security experts help you find on-premises or cloud solution that will fit your business needs, save time and money.

The benefits of security products consultancy are to provide the organization the suitable protection and cost effective solution.
Our security experts are familiar with a variety of businesses needs and products in all sizes and sectors, and provide the suitable products for your business.

Our security experts provide security product consulting on the following products:

  • SIEM
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Network Access Control
  • Mobile management & security (MDM, EMM, mobile endpoint security)
  • Web Security and monitoring
  • Advanced malware detection
  • Privilege & access management
  • Network behavior Analytics

Let us be your cyber & information security experts, contact us.